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Product Advantages

As a booming solar energy company, we have strict quality inspecting system and advanced manufacturing process to make the whole production under control completely. This system and process enable us to offer outstanding quality products and service to the customers all over the world. So Kingdom Solar not only passed the international authority product quality certification, such as TUV, ETL, IEC, etc., but also established long-term and strategic partnerships with such certification authorities to continually upgrade our quality control system and skills for better quality.

The quality of cells has been strictly controlled to ensure the stability of modules’ performance. The average efficiency of cells is above 16%. Meanwhile, to make the cells’ performance and color at the same level as well as to avoid power loss and chromatic aberration of the same panel, the electrical performance and color of the cells has been strictly inspected. In the flash light test, the most advanced AAA instrument – solar stimulator has been applied, to guarantee the accuracy of the test. Besides, Kingdom Solar has built long-term cooperation relationship with TUV, international quality authoritative institutes. TUV visits Kingdom Solar at regular intervals to adjust the inspection equipment, and to ensure the reliability of the testing report.

all the modules are sorted out by its current to improve the systems’ overall performance & modules’ lifetime and avoid resister’s overheating after power classification. Then the laminated panels are fixed with anti-corrosion aluminum frame,which can help modules work well in bad weather conditions and make Kingdom solar modules equipped with waterproof, compression resisting, anticorrosion and long life time. Furthermore, in order to avoid cracked cells in the module, there is an EL test before and after lamination. And our pre-delivery aging test is much stricter than International authoritative quality authentication institutions’ testing standard, such as TUV, UL, etc.

Social Responsibility:
The reason that Kingdom Solar grow rapidly is because we have our feet planted on the ground of providing environmental protective products with reliable quality to people all over the world.